- About Me

The one thing that you have that nobody else has is you. Your voice, your mind, your story, your vision. So write and draw and build and play and dance and live as only you can.

– Neil Gaiman

My name is Nelson Domingues, UI/UX Designer living in Braga, Portugal. I am a strong advocate for data-driven and the user-centered design process. I believe that having a clear understanding of user needs, who the users are, and what their tasks and environments are is the key to improving functionality, usability and consequently the user experience.

- Design Process

I also believe that the best designed products and services result from an iterative process of evaluation and re-design, that it is easier to improve a design than to get it right the first time.

In the image illustrated below is my design process from concept until the product is ready for the development phase. The ideal scenario would be to use real users throughout the entire process but unfortunately that is not always possible in the busy business world that we all live in.

My design process.

1 - Requirements Gathering

In a corporate environment as a general rule the requirements come to me through a product owner or project manager. If necessary or when in solo work some of the techniques i am familiar with are UML diagrams like use case and user stories for task analysis or personas and user journey map for user profiles. The use of each or all of the techniques depends on the specific needs of each project.

2 - Design & Prototyping

Once the requirements gathering is complete i start designing some low-fidelity wireframes and i use those for the evaluation phase. After the evaluation i make some high-fidelity ones and i use those to make a fast prototype like the one in the video below.

This allows a more realistic view of the final product than just a few static wireframes and is usually highly appreciated by customers.

3 - Evaluation

The evaluation phase is an iterative process performed simultaneously with design and prototyping. Once the first low-fidelity wireframes are ready, i use them to do cognitive walkthroughs or heuristic evaluation. After this process, if any usability issues are found, the necessary changes will be made along with a prototype like the above video and submitted for approval.

4 - Implementation

After approval of the design by all stakeholders i make the mockups with the final layout in a psd, sketch or xd file. The final work will then be resubmitted for new approval with the delivery of static mockups and an interactive prototype. If needed or when in a corporate environment files are delivered to developers along with all the necessary assets for the development phase.